Ongoing project commissioned by Musselburgh council. The Archer was installed in June 2018. The arrows are due to be installed later in the year

Collaboration with Svetlana Kondakova. The artwork will comprise a life-size bronze cast of an archer on the Esk riverbank and 17 steel arrows installed at different locations around Musselburgh. 

Inspired by local history, the archer and arrows will represent three important aspects of Musselburgh heritage - the Roman invasion in AD 80, the battle of Pinky Cleugh in 1547 and the Musselburgh Silver Arrow, which dates back to 1603 and is claimed to be the oldest sporting trophy in the world. The bronze figure will have a universal and timeless aesthetic, representing layers of Musselburgh history and forming a conceptual bridge by pointing its invisible bow across the river. The arrows represent the present and future and will be engraved with the community's wishes for the future of Musselburgh, which the artists will gather by conducting several community workshops.

Furthermore, the 17 arrows will form a trail, linking the heritage of Musselburgh to the modern day as well as inspiring the future and providing an interactive element of activity for both locals and visitors. The placement of the arrows will lead people to places that are important to the town in terms of history, culture and community, allowing participants to experience Musselburgh in a new way, highlighting its assets and reasserting the town's identity.