Collaboration with Svetlana Kondakova

Commission for Napier Fountainbridge halls of residence, February 2015.

The sculpture commemorates the North British Rubber Company, founded in 1856. It was one of the most important employers in Fountainbridge for generations of local people. During both World Wars the factory made millions of pairs of rubber boots for the British Army, helping to drastically reduce trench foot, a major concern during World War I. Marking the centenary of WWI, the sculpture has been erected to commemorate the huge importance of the company, both locally and nationally.

The boot, based on a modern wellington boot, has fallen on its side, revealing a print modelled on the original WWI hobnail boot. Symbolically bridging the past and the present, the sculpture also mirrors the way the factory left its mark on the local and national landscape. In order to highlight the impact of the industrial boom of the 19th century in the area, the boot is based on WWI military aesthetics and finished with rivets. This also links the sculpture to local industrial structures like the Leamington Lift Bridge, which stands to this day on the Grand Union Canal.