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Originally from Copenhagen, Maja has been residing in London and Edinburgh since 2001. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012, she has undertaken a number of public and private site-specific commissions. Past clients include Napier University, Royal Observatory Edinburgh and University of Edinburgh. Most recently, she was commissioned by Aberdeen City Council to create a memorial to the controversial crematorium ashes scandal, which saw the ashes of more than 200 infants lost.

She has a background in dancing and an interest in choreography and anatomy. Focusing primarily on large-scale site-specific commissions, her work is concerned with the body in space and time; the dichotomy between the permanent and transient. Her work is based on a great amount of topical research and recent work has sought to combine an interest in science and exploring how the world works with a desire to express an emotional state of being.

As well as undertaking individual projects, she also work on collaborative projects with a variety of other artists. Recent collaborations include Threshold, a collaboration with artist Sarah Dale for Edinburgh University and Royal Observatory and Musselburgh Archer, a collaboration with artist Svetlana Kondakova for East Lothian Council, installed in Musselburgh.

She was awarded a graduate studio at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops (ESW) in 2012, where she has conducted a number of workshops with pupils from local primary schools. For a number of years she ran the group Edinburgh Artists with Kids, providing peer support and organising workshops and events based around involving children in the creation of art.

Site Specific Works and Public Artworks
2018 (May) Sculpture Threshold at Edinburgh Royal Observatory, commissioned by University of Edinburgh for their new Higgs Centre for innovation. The sculpture is in the form of an optical illusion.

2017 (December – present) Commissioned by Aberdeen City Council to create a memorial to past practices at Hazlehead crematorium

2017 (June - October) Exhibiting site-specific, figurative piece Defection at Scottish Sculpture Park’s Biannual Summer Exhibition, featured at the front page of the exhibition catalogue.

2015 (November - present) Commissioned by East Lothian Council to create and install life-size bronze sculpture and a sculpture trail in the form of steel arrows and accompanying plaques (sculpture installed June 2018 – arrows still awaiting approval).

2015 (January) Public Artwork entitled Imprint for Edinburgh Napier University’s Fountainbridge halls of residence.

2014 (August) Temporary site specific artwork Placeyersaurus at Cockenzie House. The artwork is in the shape of a life-size bronze Plesiosaurus immersed into the duck pond on the grounds.

2014 (January) Public Artwork entitled Tree of Knowledge for Edinburgh Napier University’s Fountainbridge halls of residence.

Research and community projects 2015 (June) Organised and ran event Child’s Play, which included an exhibition on the theme of being an Artist with Kids as well as children’s workshops, run in collaboration with artist Steve Dale.

2015 (March - April) Conducted workshops with Victoria Primary School children, learning about sustainability and discussing the potential future of their area. The project was a collaboration with artist Hans Clausen.

2013 (February – present) Exploring mythologies and (mis)conceptions surrounding our relationship with animals. The project involved drawing workshops with pupils from Victoria and Trinity Primary Schools conducted at ESW.

2009 (July – September) Working with the local community in Uru, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania on a project examining cultural understandings of art and site specificity, working with only locally available materials. The project resulted in the construction of the sculpture Reflections and a written artwork.

2005 Created fundraising film (narrated by Steve Cram) for charity Hoja during 5-day research and filming trip to rural Songea region of Tanzania


Maja Quille

Studio 16, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 21 Hawthornvale, Edinburgh, EH6 4JT